Providing delicious Mexican Style Cheeses throughout the U.S. for over a decade

W&W Dairy’s Queso Fresco

Shelf Life ~90 days
Texture crumbly, moist
Flavor mild, slightly tangy
Shape traditionally round patty

W&W’s Queso Fresco has been consistently awarded best in class for both the US and World Championship Cheese Contest. Queso or “Fresh Cheese” is a mild, fresh, soft, and slightly tangy white cheese that’s a staple in many Mexican kitchens.

If you’re interested in more information or to set up an order, please contact us today.

Where do you ship to?2020-09-08T16:17:01+00:00

W&W Dairy is able to ship safely throughout the entire continental United States while ensuring that the quality of our product remains immaculate.

Who do I contact for sales information?2021-02-08T17:33:58+00:00

For product information please call John Cook at 720-607-7358 or Brandon Cook at 720-672-2202.  Combined, they both have over 30 years of selling and marketing Hispanic cheese.

What packaging or sizes are offered?2020-09-08T16:23:52+00:00

That’s where W&W Dairy really differentiates themselves, on our flexibility. We’re able to offer a variety of sizes and a range of packaging options that’ll meet whatever needs you may have. We recommend getting in touch with our Sales team so we can learn a bit more about how we can work together to meet those needs.

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